We would like to introduce WorldEscorts.co.uk, a new directory open to all independent escorts.

The idea is to develop the best straight forward directory for classy escorts, where escort are the main focus and customers find easy to navigate …and decide.

The registration as an Independent escort is FREE, however we will verify if the posting is a real one, just to make sure!

If the operation appears to be complicated (we are not all computer Wizards), feel free to post your description, country of action, pictures (max 21), contacts, website and we will create the account for you.
Please use register@worldescorts.co.uk for assisted registration process.

If the website will appear a bit crowded…there is hope…with a little charge as follow

Premium post (appears always first) £49.99 per year

Featured Post(Appears on any page on the featured slider) £99 per year

Normal registration, for independent escorts, is FREE.

Agency are considered, but heavily controlled! please go on registration page for pricing.(Registration is not free), however the price will appeal you highly

All Premium escort will be posted as well on adultfundirectory.co.uk

We accept BITCOINS and PAYPAL as payment.

Paypal right away, bitcoins via confirmation.