Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also offer an incall service?

Well most of the the girls only offer an outcall service, which means that the escort girl can visit you at your private address or hotel. They don’t have a place in in the chosen city  where you can visit them. The minimum booking is for one hour – beyond that, you can hire an escort (or bisexual escorts) for as long as you want.

How far in advance do I have to book an escort?

Usually the independent escort needs about 30-40 minutes notice in in the chosen city. But if you are located further away they need some more notice, but they will always let you know how much time they need when you make the booking. You can book through E-mail or over the phone. The girls are busy escorts, if you can’t reach them please try again a minute or so later. You can also book in advance, but please note that the booking always need to be confirmed on the date. Booking in advance is a good option to secure a date with the escort of your choice at the time most convenient to you.

What payments methods do the escorts accept?

The escorts will accept Euros, British Sterling and dollars as cash, however they always try our best to accept all major currencies. Exchange rate calculation will be at the discretion of escort girl arranging your date. Credit card payments are not accepted.

Is it legal to order an escort?
Technically, escorts, whether independent or the ones from escort agencies, are legal.

They don’t acknowledge any practice of providing sexual services, though the girls or guys would do it, either of their own will, or because it is part of the implied service you’re paying for.

In which case, it becomes illegal, though hard to prove: the agency won’t acknowledge it, the escort can just say it was from her own will and has nothing to do with the service providing as an host or guest.

However, they mostly do, though some escort agencies really only provide escorts for politically correct purposes, to accompany people at functions or events, or for a normal need of some company.

These are perfectly legal.

Can I be sure that the escort will visit me discrete?

Yes! In this business it is really important to work really discrete. The escort girls will do that because they are professionals. If you want the escort to visit your private address the taxi driver will not stop in front of your door as well.

Are the taxi costs included in the price?

Well this has to be discussed with the girls!

Can I book more then one escort girl at a time?

Of course. But the escort girls will probably not do a bisexual show with each other, you can always discuss this with them.

Can me and my partner see a girl together?
Yes, some of the escort girls enjoy meeting couples as well as singles! However not all female escorts are so open minded so you have to see on the profile page of the girls who is and who is not. You must inform them prior to booking that you wish to include a third party so that they can ensure you that she is happy with the arrangements.

Are the girls’ fees negotiable?     

Sorry they’re not. The ladies are professional escorts. They use their professional skills to make a living just like your lawyer of accountant, would you haggle with them?

Are the pictures of the girls real?

Absolutely. The pictures are 100% real. There are some escorts out there who fob you off with fake pictures – these girls don’t. They respect their clients and don’t cheat them! The pictures are not older then one year, after that they will update them.

I have a special request is that ok?    

The escort girls can listen to any request, they will let you know if they accept them or not.

Help! My question is not answered here!

That’s not a problem: The girls are committed to the highest possible level of customer service. Contact them through their E-mail form on their bio page and they’ll do the best they can to answer you question.